Historical Literature

The following books are available for purchase through our Society and may also be found and purchased at Colchester's Burnham Memorial Library.

  • "Colchester Center: The Evolution of a Village" Kenneth Degree
    • Published 2000
    • 161 pp. 
    • $15
    • Synopsis: The book was written to portray how and why the village evolved and endured, the age of the buildings and brief descriptions of some of the people who lived here and made Colchester what it is today. Illustrated.
  • "Colchester Vermont: From Ice-Cap to Interstate" Ruth Wright
    • Published 1963
    • 264 pp. 
    • $50 
    • Synopsis: Here is the complete history of Colchester from 1763 to 1963 as compiled by the town auditor Ruth Wright who grew up and was educated in the town school system thru grade school. The book covers the period in great detail leaving no part of the town uncovered as she discusses the founders, the towns beginning, the economy, post war adjustments, the period after the civil war and the 20th century. Many tables and documents are displayed as well as the rosters and rolls of the people who served the town and their country. Illustrated, maps.
  • "Chronicles of Colchester"  Inge Schaefer
    • Published 2009
    • 144 pp.
    • $20
    • Synopsis: You will find histories of several families who have been a part of Colchester since its founding.  Also included are histories of Cemeteries,  Churches, Summer Camps, and Schools.   You will also find information on notable landmarks in Colchester, some of which only exist in our memories plus a history of Ira Allen, the first town clerk of Colchester.
  • "Images of America: Colchester" Inge Schaefer
    • Published 2003
    • 128 pp.
    • $20
    • Synopsis: An exciting history of the town that was chartered in 1763, and is now known as one of the oldest and largest communities in Vermont. Many images drawn from private and public collections have helped to illustrate the history of the land, the lake and the people that have defined Colchester as it is today. Illustrated, maps.
  • "Look Around Colchester and Milton, Vermont" Chittenden County Historical Society
    • Published 1975
    • 68 pp.
    • $5
    • Synopsis: This book addresses the town of Colchester as well as Milton. The pictorial display of the people, the local industry and the period buildings is complemented with descriptions of the topic as well as the dialog of the times. Much is included in the detailed discussion of the people and the culture that existed in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Illustrated, maps.

The Historical Society contact for any of these books is Carol Reichard.