Volunteer Information
Volunteers regularly help us pick up books from our book drops or shelve materials at the library. Volunteering takes as little as one hour a week and we'll work with you to find a schedule that suits your needs. Each year, volunteers help us with over 2000 hours of their time -- more than the time worked by a single full-time employee!

The library currently has openings for volunteers to assist with shelving books. You can fill out an application electronically, or in-person at the library. Forms can be emailed to Susan Bliss, our volunteer coordinator. 

Book-Drop Volunteers
Book-drop volunteers pick up materials on a designated day and return them to the library. Our book drops are located in front of Walgreens on Prim Road and outside the Town Offices on Blakely Road.

Shelving Volunteers
Shelving volunteers help us get returned materials from the desk and back onto the shelves. Shelving volunteers also tidy shelves, move materials around to prevent overcrowding, and "shelf read" to double-check that materials are in the right order.

For more information about these and other volunteering opportunities at the library, contact Susan  at 802-264-5663 or via email.

Teen Volunteer Opportunities

Youth Department Shelver

Help shelve books in the youth department. Must commit to several weeks and be trained. 

Chalk Board Cleaner

The chalkboard walls need regular-ish scrub downs. A re-painting would also be very nice. By appointment when the teen librarian is working.

Shelf Cleaner 

Bookshelves get really dusty. They need regular-ish wipe downs to mitigate dirt and grime and protect the books.