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Fire District #3 Special Meeting Results

Town Meeting Election, March 1, 2022

Official Election Results.

Important Information Concerning Annual Town Meeting, March 1, 2022.

  • The DEADLINE to return your voted Town Meeting absentee ballot at the Town Clerk's Office is on Monday, February 28 by 4:30pm
  • The Town Clerk's Office counter will close at noon on Monday, February 28 and not be open for any business on Tuesday, March 1, as we will be at the Colchester High School for the election.
  • Use our GREEN Drive-Up Drop Box between the Town Hall and Police Department Buildings.  It is available until Monday, February 28 by 4:30pm.
  • On Tuesday, March 1, bring your voted absentee ballot to the Colchester High School Gym.  There will be a drop box at the HELP DESK.


Historical Election Results

To view that your ballot has been received by the Town Clerk's Office go to ‘My Voter Page’ at https://mvp.vermont.gov/ and login. If 'Ballot Status' is RECEIVED, your vote has been counted. If 'Ballot Status' is DEFECTIVE, your vote has NOT been counted. (see image below)

If you are unable to login, contact our office at 802-264-5520.

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  1. Districts
  2. Election Day Location & Hours


  • District 9-1  Comprised of the area east of I-89, the west side of I-89 north of the Malletts Creek inlet and excluding the south side of Blakely Road
  • District 9-2  Comprised of the area west of I-89 south of the Malletts Creek inlet, including the south side of Blakely Road
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  • View Voting District by Street

About Political Campaign Signs


The Town Clerk’s Office would like to provide information concerning political signage:

  • No signs can be placed in the public right of way until two weeks prior to Election Day
  • No campaign/political signs can be placed on properties owned by the Town of Colchester or Colchester School District except on Laker Lane (driveway to Colchester High School) on Election Day only.  
  • Political signs must be removed on Laker Lane at the end of the Election Day.  
  • All other political signs in the public right of way must be removed within five (5) days.

The Guide to Placement of Political Campaign Signs at the Secretary of State’s website will give more pre-election and day-of-election sign guidance.