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Districts  (click to see map)(click to see voting district by street)

  • District 9-1 - (Comprised of the area east of I-89, the west side of I-89 north of the Malletts Creek inlet and excluding the south side of Blakely Road)
  • District 9-2 - (Comprised of the area west of I-89 south of the Malletts Creek inlet, including the south side of Blakely Road)
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The icons above link to the VT Voter Registration portal and My Voter Page, which is an online tool for registered voters to access their voter record.  My Voter Page access allows you to change your address, request an absentee ballot for all elections each year and keep track of the requests. For more information about registering and absentee voting go to https://www.sec.state.vt.us/elections/voters.aspx.