Plans, Regulations, & Resources

The Colchester Town Plan sets the principles for our land use regulations found in the Colchester Development Regulations (combined zoning and subdivision regulations).  These Development Regulations create zoning districts for the Town and establish what uses are allowed where, minimum lot sizes, required setbacks, and maximum densities.  Table A-1 of the Development Regulations provides the uses allowed either by right (permitted) or conditionally in each district. Table A-2 provides the dimensional requirements for each district.  Use the interactive map to find the zoning of a particular property and these two tables to see what is allowed on a property.  The entirety of the Development Regulations can be found through the Regulation link below.

In addition to the Development Regulations, there are many different regulations and codes for construction that are linked through the Regulations page.  Plans and Studies provide recent work such as the 2019 Town Plan and Malletts Bay Initiative.  Maps include pdfs of the Zoning Map and others.  Links include Regional Planning, the U.S. Census, and pertinent Vermont State Offices.