Planning & Zoning

Colchester’s Planning and Zoning Department provides a variety of services that include:
  1. Responding to health and quality of life concerns through Requests for Action
  2. Reviewing and inspecting construction for compliance with local, state and national building codes
  3. Administering the State Wastewater Program and associated inspections
  4. Facilitating the development review process and guiding applicants in the permit process
  5. Fulfilling requests for information on properties
  6. Certifying properties through Letters of Compliance for resale and refinance
  7. Administering a minigrant fund for septic replacement
  8. Developing and implementing land use plans
  9. Reinforcing Town regulations through
  10. Administering the Town’s Designated Growth Center
Providing oversight to the Town’s development and planning processes are the appointed volunteer Development Review Board and Planning Commission. Please contact us at (802)-264-5606 from 7:30AM to 4:30PM EST from Monday through Friday, stop by the Town Offices, or e-mail us directly. We look forward to serving you.



The Planning Commission has warned Supplement 42 to the Development Regulations for December 17th.  Here are the proposed changes.

The State of Vermont is now offering low-interest loans for wastewater systems.  See this link for information on how to maintain your septic system.

Planning & Zoning Department Strategic Plan & FY2020 Work Program.