Hello. How Are You?

An outreach program in which Colchester Police are developing relationships and connecting with senior citizens.

Senior citizens can voluntarily enroll in the program and receive a daily phone call, or however frequently they wish, to ensure they are OK and do not need assistance. This also give both parties an opportunity to get to know each other and brighten our resident's days. 

Every morning between 8 and 10 o’clock a police dispatcher will call to say hello, how are you? In the event the senior citizen does not answer the phone after three tries, a police officer will be dispatched to the person’s residence to check on them.


1. You must live alone, or with another person who is unable to render you assistance in an emergency.

2. You must reside in Colchester.

3. You must give the Colchester Police Department a key to your residence. This key will only be used in an apparent emergency situation to gain access to your residence.

Please Fill Out Application: 

Hello. Good Morning