Hello. How Are You?

An outreach program in which Colchester Police are developing, connecting senior citizens with the police department before an emergency happens.

Senior citizens can voluntarily enroll in the town’s program and receive a daily phone call — or however frequently they wish — to ensure they are OK and do not need assistance, but also to brighten their days. If a member of the program doesn’t pick up, Colchester Police will try and call that person two more times. After the third missed call, a police officer will be dispatched to the person’s residence to check on them.

Every morning between 8 and 10 o’clock a police dispatcher will call to say hello, how are you? And in the event that they don’t answer the phone to receive that good morning call we’ll send an officer out there to do a welfare check and make sure that they’re okay.



1. You must live alone, or with another person, if that person is unable to render you assistance in an emergency.

2. You must not be in regular daily contact with another person.

3. You must reside in the town of Colchester.

4. You must notify the Colchester Police Department with a key to your residence. This key will only be used in apparent emergency situations to gain access to your residence.

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Hello. Good Morning