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1. Is there another town or model in Vermont where this type of study has been done? Have we learned what to do and what not to do?
2. There have been a lot of studies done by the University of Vermont and by the State over the years. Will you use any of those studies and reports for this program?
3. How long will it take to complete the study?
4. Will future Intergrated Water Resources Management meetings be taped so that they can be accessed by the public?
5. During the study are there any success criteria that the Environmental Protection Agency has established that the study must meet to continue receiving funding?
6. Will you collect data on the current water quality condition of the lake and ground water in Colchester?
7. Will you be testing the levels of chemical waste in addition to biological waste?
8. Will you be sampling at Rossetti Beach?
9. Will your testing areas include all of the marina areas as well as public access areas where people swim?
10. How will you locate the areas that have wastewater treatment systems and how will you determine if others need 1?
11. That would be the expected lifespan of an advanced onsite wastewater system like a mound system?
12. Will you be assessing the locations and extent of impervious surfaces?
13. What are the sources of sediment buildup because it also seems like a problem that needs to be addressed?
14. How will you collaborate with future construction projects that occur during Environmental Protection Agency study to ensure that what they are doing does not interfere with the study process?