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  1. Digital Access Library Card

    Submit the information below to apply for a temporary access digital library card. This will enable you to check out ebooks,... More…

  2. Teen Take N Make Crafts

    Reserve a bag for this week's craft!

  1. Tech Help Appointment

    We will be accepting form appointments soon. Please call or email for an appointment in the meantime.

Parks & Recreation Forms

  1. Colchester Parks & Recreation Race Volunteer Registration Form

    Apply to volunteer at a Colchester Parks & Recreation race event.

Volunteer Forms

  1. Get Engaged Program Student Application
  2. Town of Colchester Board, Commission and Community Appointments Application

    This form is for adult applications. If you are a high school student wishing to apply through the Get Engaged Program, please use the... More…

  1. Rescue Membership/Employment Application

    Use this form to become a volunteer member of the Colchester Rescue Squad or to apply for advertised Rescue Career Openings.