What will the annual cost be for a residential property within the proposed sewer service area?

The estimated average annual sewer costs for residential properties is approximately $993 per household which includes operating and debt charges.  

Operating charges pay for the daily operation and maintenance of the sewer system. They are based on individual water usage since this water is ultimately discharged to the sewer system, and represents how much each property uses the sewer system. Water usage information for the properties located within the proposed wastewater service area was obtained from Colchester Fire District’s #2 and #3 for a period of two years.   The readings were then averaged to determine an estimated average annual water consumption for single family residential properties within the sewer service area. 

To calculate an estimate for the operating charges for your property, examine your water bills, determine what your average annual water consumption is in gallons, and then multiply by $0.00794.  Based upon the water use information provided by Colchester Fire District’s #2 and #3, our estimate for average annual operating charges is $289.57 per year. Your cost may vary depending upon individual water consumption habits.

Debt charges pay for the loans taken to help construct the sewer system. They are based on the amount of sewer capacity that is needed for each property. The required capacity for each property is based on the State of Vermont Environmental Protection Rules, Chapter 1, Wastewater System and Water Supply Rules. Chapter 1 of the Vt. EPR’s states; “Single family residential units connected to a wastewater disposal system with a design capacity of at least 50,000 gallons per day may use a design flow of 210 gallons per unit per day, regardless of the number of bedrooms.”  Design flows represent the highest expected flows and are typically higher than actual flows.

To calculate the debt charges for your property, take your capacity of 210 gallons per day and multiply by $3.35 per gallon. Each residential property will receive a debt charge of $703.19. Estimated total annual sewer costs are calculated by adding these two charges together which totals $992.92. 

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