3 Acre Permit Information

The State of Vermont recently adopted new permitting requirements for properties subject to a State Stormwater Operating Permit where 3 acres or more of impervious surface exists within the development (commonly referred to as "3-Acre requirements"). The Town currently shares in permitting responsibilities as a co-permittee for a number of these sites across the community. For more information about these requirements, please visit: https://dec.vermont.gov/watershed/stormwater/9050

Below are maps specific to each area subject to these new regulations. These maps indicate based on state records which properties are subject to each permit, and are large files that may take a moment to download.

Property owners subject to these shared permits were invited to a meeting on the 3rd floor of the Town Offices at 6:30PM on Thursday, July 21, 2022 where the Town provided information regarding what we know about the 3-Acre permit and all associated requirements, the compliance plan we have developed, and what the state has shared regarding funding assistance.  Slides from that presentation are available HERE

Stormwater Permit Site Plans

Development Name Road Names Site Plan Permit Number
Blakely Woods Burnham Ln, Nice Way Map 3493-9010
Brentwood Park Brentwood Drive Map 4955-9010
Carriage Hill Carriage Way, Colonial Drive Map 3300-9010
Creekside Park Deer Ln, Indian Circle Map 3282-9010
Hollow Creek Hollow Creek, Robert Frost Cir Map 3334-9010
Meadows Industrial Park Hercules Drive Map 4057-9010
Sunderland Woods Sunderland Woods Rd, Oak Circle Map 4131-9010
Valleyfield Valleyfield Dr, Heather Cir Map 3266-9010
Water Tower Hill Water Tower Circle Map  4087-9010
Whispering Pines Jason Dr, Bayview Rd, Whispering Pines Map 3631-9010