Shore Acres Project Page

Welcome! This page provides information about a water quality improvement project in the Shore Acres Neighborhood that is possible due to a $295,000 grant from the Vermont Agency of Transportation. These improvements are the first to advance out of the Malletts Bay Scoping Study, a component of the Malletts Bay Initiative. 

The primary goal of the project is to remove phosphorus and other pollutants from stormwater before it reaches Lake Champlain. A series of gravel wetlands will be installed to slow runoff and allow pollutants to settle and be absorbed by plants. There will also be improvements to ditches to guide runoff, installation of new structures and piping to expand the existing runoff collection system, and upgraded stormwater outfalls within the project areas to limit erosion and protect the Moorings Stream. 

For more info, please contact Karen Adams at or 802-264-5621.

Project Areas
Above: Project areas in the Shore Acres Neighborhood.
Preliminary plans were completed in summer of 2020, with plans to be finalized after any needed right-of-way is acquired. Construction of this project is currently planned for summer 2022. The project has been designed to minimize impacts on abutting property owners by installing improvements within the public right-of-way (the areas alongside the public roadway). Property owners will be contacted in the coming months if additional area from their property and/or temporary access during construction is needed to complete this important project. 

Stormwater runoff from the Shore Acres neighborhood eventually enters into Malletts Bay by way of the Moorings Stream.

There are four project areas within the neighborhood, each with different treatments.  CLICK HERE for a detailed map of all project sites.

  • Site #1: Installation of new piping, 2 new catch basins, installation of a gravel wetland, and upgrades to existing outfall.
  • Site #2: New ditching, 1 new catch basin, and installation of a gravel wetland.
  • Site #3: Installation of new piping, new ditching, 8 new catch basins, 1 new outfall and 1 upgraded outfall, and installation of 2 gravel wetlands. 
  • Site #4: An existing stormwater drainage location will be upgraded, a gravel wetland installed, and a new stone outfall constructed. 
Below are some definitions for common terms used within these project materials. 
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