Malletts Bay Sewer Project

Welcome to the website for the Malletts Bay Sewer Project. This project is part of the Town’s Malletts Bay Initiative. On January 8, 2019, the Colchester Selectboard approved forwarding the project to the voters for consideration at Town Meeting in March of 2019. The project has been identified as a priority in virtually every significant Town planning document dating back as far as 1964. The project builds upon valuable lessons learned from the community following the defeat of a Malletts Bay Sewer project in 1999. The major goals of this project include:

• Remove human waste bacteria from Malletts Bay;
​• Preserve and protect Malletts Bay for future generations; and
​• Ensure the community’s vision for Malletts Bay.

​This project website contains a variety of information that attempts to inform the community and to answer any questions the community may have. If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact the Town’s Public Works Director, Bryan K. Osborne at

Note that there has been information distributed to the community regarding the Malletts Bay Sewer Project from sources other than the Town. Please feel free to contact Bryan Osborne, Director of Public Works to discuss the details of the project and any information presented by the Town of Colchester. He can be reached at 802-264-5620 or at the email above. 

For the straight scoop from the Town on the Malletts Bay Sewer Project see the links below: 

Need it fast? For a short version see LCATV's public service announcement video.

Want to know more in depth? See the complete interview at LCATV.ORG.

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Please CLICK HERE to view slides from the most recent public presentation on this project. 
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