Recently Completed Projects

East Road Culvert Replacement Completed - July 2018

The town recently completed a culvert replacement project on East Road, between Pond Brook Road and Woodridge Road. The existing 36" corrugated metal pipe was in poor condition and was replaced with a new 48" culvert. This project was fully funded through the Town's stormwater utility and cost approximately $33,000.

Right: The new 48" culvert installed under East Road in summer 2018 compared with the old 36" culvert.

Old vs New for Web
Reynolds Drive Stormwater Project Completed - August 2018

​Also recently completed was the repair of a section of Reynolds Drive in Colchester. Sinkholes had developed in the roadway due to failing stormwater infrastructure underground. There were extensive video camera investigations to determine the configuration and location of the existing stormwater system. Two new catch basin structures were installed as well as new piping, curbing, pavement, and landscaping.

Left: Installation of a new stormwater structure on Reynolds Dr.
Below: Aerial view of project area and pipeline configuration.
Malletts Bay Avenue Culvert Stabilization Project Completed - September 2018

​The existing 36" metal culvert along Malletts Bay Avenue was identified to be in poor shape, with small sinkholes developing due to small holes in the pipe. Other than these small holes, the pipe was structurally intact. The solution was for a "Cast-In-Place" Pipe Lining (CIPP), which is a process that allows us to keep the existing metal pipe in place but reinforce the structure with a new lining. This project cost approximately $18,000 and was entirely funded through the Town's stormwater utility. A photo taken after construction of the new cast-in-place liner can be seen below.