Teen Volunteers

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Ongoing Library Volunteer Opportunities

Youth Department Shelver

Help shelve books in the youth department. Currently need Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Must commit to several weeks and be trained. 

Chalk Board Cleaner* 

The chalkboard walls need regular-ish scrub downs. A re-painting would also be very nice. By appointment when Kelsey is working. 

Summer Wacktivities Helper (3) 

Wednesday Wacktivities go all summer long. Hannah needs set-up, clean-up, and monitoring help for each one. Dates announced with summer activities brochure. Activities are usually 2-3 hours of work and attract up to 100 kids. Ask Hannah.

Summer Reading Buddy Mentor (8) 

Encourage kids to read aloud and make reading fun. Schedule dependent on who you’re matched with. Must attend mentor training. 

Shelf Cleaner * 

Bookshelves get really dusty. They need regular-ish wipe downs to mitigate dirt and grime and protect the books. By appointment when Kelsey is working.