Microbial Source Tracking Program

This report summarizes the results of our microbial source tracking program to determine the sources of E-coli contamination in Malletts Bay. This report is divided into the report and separate Appendices due to size for download.
In May 2011, Vermont DEC issued the document Vermont Statewide Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for Bacteria Impaired Waters - Draft for Public Comment. Both Crooked Creek and Smith Hollow Creek in Colchester were identified in the report as bacteria impaired streams. The IWRM team provided written comments concerning these 2 streams on behalf of Town of Colchester. Our response can be downloaded by clicking on Appendix C above.

Under our water quality testing program, we also conducted a more extensive sanitary survey of both Crooked Creek and Smith Hollow Creek. These two streams showed elevated levels of E-coli under both wet and dry conditions. The results of the sanitary survey can be downloaded by clicking on Appendix D above.