Public Education & Participation

The 2nd phase of the grant, the public participation and education component, includes the presentation of data and findings to Colchester residents, and multiple opportunities to understand residents' priorities and criteria for evaluating alternative solutions.

Bryan Osborne, Director of Public Works for the Town of Colchester says, "For this program to be successful, it is important that the residents of Colchester are engaged and informed throughout the process. We need the help and feedback from our residents in order to formulate the best possible options to protect our natural water resources."

To that end, the IWRM includes a series of public meetings held throughout the course of the three-year program. A June 3, 2009 kick-off meeting will explain what the study will cover and why. Additional public meetings will be held throughout the project to provide updates on the status of the study, inform the public of interim findings and gain the public's input toward the crafting of final recommendations. Project update information will also be regularly posted to the Town's web site.