Highway Maintenance

The Colchester Highway Division is based at the Town Garage at 711 Blakely Road and consists of 2 heavy equipment operators and 6 truck drivers.

Their primary responsibility is the maintenance of approximately 100 miles of public and private roadways, as well as all other highway related infrastructure.

The Highway Division responds to work order requests from residents which include:
  • Blocked culverts
  • Mailbox repairs following snow storms
  • Missing street signs and pot holes
Residents should call 264-5620 with any requests.
Street Sweeper
Routine Division Activities
Routine Division activities include roadway repairs, including grading of gravel roads and pavement patching, which are critical to preserve the structural integrity of the transportation system. Roadside mowing, sign repairs and replacements, traffic signals, pavement markings, street light repairs and snow removal are critical functions of public safety. Dust control, street sweeping and tree removal are additional activities for this division.

Materials Application Program
The Division has a materials application program for road maintenance activities such as snow and ice removal operations, as well as gravel road maintenance. These are critical functions associated with the implementation of the Town’s Phase II MS4 Storm Water Plan, which works toward preserving the environment and natural resources within the community.

Service delivery and quality of life are both clearly influenced by our ability and efforts to provide public safety and infrastructure preservation functions. These efforts are accomplished through increased planning efforts, continual refinement of our operations, and supporting capital plans such as paving and equipment plans.