Summer Construction Projects

Summer construction projects generally include roadway paving efforts and sidewalk repair work.  Larger construction projects are summarized under our PROJECTS webpage. 

Roadside Mowing

Roadside mowing helps keeps our roadside ditches clear, prevents vegetation from migrating out into the shoulder of the roadways, and prevents obstructions to sight distances for motorists.

This activity is performed regularly throughout the summer, and more often during rainy periods and other periods of rapid growth. Emphasis is placed on intersections to maintain sight distances.

Dust Control

Colchester has approximately 12 miles of public gravel roads that are maintained on a regular basis. An important part of this process is the application of dust control agents.

Controlling dust along our gravel roads improves public safety by providing better visibility, limits the amount of roadway deterioration and loss of material, and very importantly, improves the quality of life for those residents living along these roadways.

Dust control materials are typically applied in the late spring to early summer period depending on conditions, and then on an ongoing basis as conditions require.

Pavement Marking

Our pavement marking program is an important safety feature of our transportation system. Markings include:
  • Center lines
  • Cross walks
  • Edge lines
  • Stop bars
They help safely guide both motorists and pedestrians. Markings are replaced on an annual basis and are typically applied in the early summer.

Pavement markings on state highways, such as Route 7, Route 15, Route 2, Route 2A are maintained by the State of Vermont.

Lake Champlain Water Quality Testing

Water quality testing begins in June and occurs every Monday and Wednesday Morning. The lake water is tested for the presence of E. Coli by Endyne Testing of Williston, VT. Results are returned to the Town Offices the following morning.

Individual site readings above 235 CFU/100 ml are considered to be high levels. When two or more Bayside Beach or Rossetti Nature Area readings are above 235 CFU/100 ml, the beach will be marked as unsafe and the beach will be closed with signage posted at the beach entrance. The water will be retested until the readings are acceptable.

Testing sites including Horizon View, Porters Point, Spaldings West Shore, Moorings Culvert, Smith Hollow Beach, Camp Tee, Crooked Creak Beach, Rossetti Natural Area and Bayside Beach.

For detailed report information please access our Water Quality Page.


If you have any questions or comments regarding Water Quality, call Public Works at 264.5628.