You've Been Flamingoed!

The flamingo flock has returned to Colchester from their 5 year migration!  We are all familiar with the pink flamingo yard ornament. One of the prime examples of American cultural kitsch, this plastic bird with metal legs has for years marked its owners as well… interesting. There are probably two types of people in the world: those who take the flamingos seriously as quality yard art and those who wouldn’t be caught dead with even one adorning their lawn. Flamingo flocking refers to a form of lawn greeting involving the placement of a "flock" of plastic pink flamingoes in someone's yard. The flocking might be ordered by someone for placement in a friend or family member's yard, as a practical joke, or to wish someone a happy birthday or celebrate some other special occasion. And of course, anyone can order a flocking for their own yard. Should you wake up one morning and see a couple of zany looking birds on your lawn, you’ll know that YOU’VE BEEN FLAMINGOED. We’ll leave an envelope on your door step which will let you know who was the prankster that had you flocked.

Also keep in mind that flocks are not allowed on common ground or public property, so unfortunately we are not able to flock apartment complexes.

Flamingos [with frame]

Flamingos available for flamingoing June—September (MONDAY-THURSDAY):

  • Flock of 25: $25.00 per flamingoing
  • Flock of 50: $40.00 per flamingoing
  • Flock of 75: $55.00 per flamingoing
  • Flamingoing insurance: $20.00 (prevents you from being flamingoed)
Pink Flamingos are property of the Colchester Parks & Recreation Department. They will be placed and removed by the Recreation Department. Flocks will stay on the lawn about 24 hours before they migrate to another lawn. 

All profits go to the Colchester Parks & Recreation Cathy Neary Scholarship Fund

You've Been Flamingoed ORDER FORM (PDF)

Anti-Flamingoing Insurance ORDER FORM (PDF)