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Malletts Bay Sewer Project

Mallets Bay Sewer Project The project serves the entire community by removing human waste bacteria from Malletts Bay, ensuring the community’s vision for Malletts Bay, and preserving and protecting Malletts Bay for generations to come. The proposed sewer service area is West Lakeshore Drive from Prim Road to Bayside, East Lakeshore Drive, and Goodsell Point. The project follows a four year study by scientists and engineers. The proposed funding includes state and federal grants, low interest loans, user fees and use of local option taxes. The local option taxes will be later paid back by user fees. It is important to decide on the sewer project now. There are stormwater, intersection, and bike/pedestrian projects that will need to be built above the sewer in the public roadbeds.

Colchester is the #1 Place to Live in Vermont

According to MONEY Magazine, we are the best place to live in Vermont. You can read more about their methodology and why they chose us in the link below.

The FY20 Budget Proposal

The budget for FY20 has been uploaded to the site. The proposed FY 20 budget maintains our current level of service and addresses changing service demands in emergency services and infrastructure maintenance caused by slow, steady growth over the past decade. This memo discusses the operating budget, capital funding, the estimated tax rate, and long term fiscal constraint.

Colchester banking on solar power for town offices

Local 22 & Local 44 published an article on October 23, 2018 about the new solar panel installations that will power the municipal building.