Malletts Bay Initiative, Clean Water Initiative, Community Center Initiative

Town Staff recently gave an update to the Select Board regarding the status of these projects. To view the powerpoint slides for the presentation, please click here. To view video of the presentation, please click here.

Malletts Bay Initiative

Thank you to those who participated in the Public Forum held on April 19, 2016 regarding the Lakeshore Zoning Proposal. A brief overview of the zoning regulations can be found here. The Commission will discuss the feedback they've heard at their next meeting, to be held on May 3 at 7PM in the Kirker Room at 835 Blakely Road. Please come and join the conversation!

The goal of the Malletts Bay Initiative is to preserve and enhance the positive aspects and overall value of the community and Malletts Bay by providing a safe and efficient transportation system for all users; improving our water resources; improving recreational cultural, and educational opportunities for all ages; promoting welcoming small scale, yet vibrant infill and redevelopment; and creating a four season destination for both residents and tourists. The components of the Malletts Bay Initiative include the following:

  • Adoption of new Land Use Regulations for Malletts Bay (available in draft form here)
  • Improvements to the Prim and West Lakeshore Drive Intersection
  • Improvements to the Lakeshore Drive and Blakely Road Intersection (near Bayside Park)
  • Improvements to the Blake Road and Laker Lane Intersection
  • Construction of a West Lakeshore Drive Bike Path
  • Other transportation improvements to improve safety and reduce congestion

For more information about the projects and progress of the Malletts Bay Initiative, please click here.

Clean Water Initiative

To view a brief update on the Clean Water Initiative, please click here.

The Clean Water Initiative is a series of plans, regulations, programs, and capital projects designed to improve and protect the community's water resources. The components of the Clean Water Initiative, overseen by the Public Works Department, include the following:

  • The Malletts Bay Sewer Project
  • The Malletts Bay Storm Water Project
  • A Storm Water Utility
  • Town-wide Storm Water Management Plans
  • On-Site Septic Operating Permits
  • Low Impact Development Standards

For more about the projects and progress of the Clean Water Initiative, please click here.

Community Center Initiative

The Community Center Initiative is managed by the Parks & Recreation Department and aims to bring a Community Health & Wellness Center to Colchester. The Department hired a consultant in 2016 to work on two projects: Completing a Community Health & Wellness Center Needs Assessment and a Community Health & Wellness Master Plan.

The Community Health & Wellness Center Needs Assessment will determine what types of recreation residents and property owners would like to see in Colchester. A survey will be developed through the summer of 2016 and will be available on-line and in paper form. Targeted respondents will answer questions about which parks and recreation areas they frequently use, and what additional facilities would be of interest. After gathering a clear picture of what the recreation needs are in Colchester, the next step is a master plan to meet those needs.

The Community Health and Wellness Master Plan will use the information gathered while developing the Needs Assessment and staff guidance to identify potential candidate sites for a recreation center and perform site evaluations. All aspects of what it will take to create this community center will be considered; including the proximity of potential sites to other community facilities, environmental limitations of potential sites, the presence of significant historical resources on potential sites, and a business plan for operating a center that outlines what funding sources will be needed to sustain long-term operations.

When these projects are completed, they will be presented at public meetings to gather comments from the public. For more information about the Community Center Initiative, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 802-264-5640.