Malletts Bay Initiative - Zoning

Malletts Bay

In 2014 through 2016 the Colchester Planning Commission developed new zoning for the West Lakeshore Drive area of Colchester collaboratively with the community.  These new zoning districts, Lakeshore One and Two, were derived from substantial public input and a series of public meetings.  Here is a summary of the new zoning and a description of the green infrastructure requirements for this area.

The new Lakeshore Districts built upon planning efforts dating back to the 1990's. In 2003 the Town of Colchester held a series of workshops to develop a vision for this area that were further developed, with the assistance of a Municipal Planning Grant, in 2007 in the West Lakeshore Drive Conceptual Plan. In 2012, the Colchester Heritage Plan indicated that this area was of importance to plan for and the 2013 Colchester Economic Development Plan and 2014 Town Plan echoed this. The new zoning strives to preserve and protect water quality, cultivate economic opportunities, and enhance community access to Malletts Bay.