Malletts Bay Initiative

Malletts Bay

On August 9, 2016 the Colchester Select Board voted unanimously to approve the Malletts Bay Initiative, referred to as Supplement 39 to the Zoning Regulations.  These new regulations went into effect on August 31, 2016 and can now be found online here.  This planning effort began in May 2015 with several events to engage the community in refining the vision for Malletts Bay Village.   The Commission worked with staff and consultants to take community input and craft zoning for the area that implements the community's vision for the Bay. Here is the press release as well as information on green infrastructure :

For more information on non-zoning work that the Town has been doing on sewer, stormwater, bike, and pedestrian issues brought up in the Malletts Bay Initiative, please click here for more information: Clean Water Initiative Presentation

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For information on the May 19, 2015 events watch the video here .  For information on the June 2, 2015 events, watch the video here.  Here are the maps the June 2nd event:


Colchester has long envisioned a comprehensive land use plan for the Bay with efforts dating back to the 1990's Colchester Community Development Corporation led efforts for a Village on the Bay. In 2003 the Town of Colchester held several workshops to develop a vision for this area that were further developed, with the assistance of a Municipal Planning Grant, in 2007 in the West Lakeshore Drive Conceptual Plan. In 2012, the Colchester Heritage Plan indicated that this area was of importance to plan for and the 2013 Colchester Economic Development Plan and 2014 Town Plan echo this. In 2014 the Town of Colchester received a State Municipal Planning grant to create a land use plan that preserves and protects water quality, cultivates economic opportunities, and enhances community access to Malletts Bay.  Below are documents from these previous studies: