Town Manager's Office

The Town of Colchester would like to thank all the residents who voted on Tuesday, March 6 to pass the Town budget and other very important articles on the ballot. Here is a brief recap of the voting results:

✓ The FY 2019 proposed budget passed
✓ The Charter changes to make the Town Clerk/Treasurer’s position a qualifications-based 
appointment passed
✓ The agreement to form a union municipal district for regional safety dispatch, the Chittenden 
County Public Safety Authority (CCPSA), passed. It should also be noted that the CCPSA passed in six of the seven communities that had the opportunity to vote on the issue. 

We appreciate your support of a bright vision for Colchester! You will find all the official
results here.

Colchester is a diverse, civic-minded community endowed with a rich heritage of commercial, agricultural, recreational and educational gifts. The Town has approximately 17,200 citizens, covers 36 square miles and is enhanced by 27 miles of lake shore on Lake Champlain. Colchester is a beautiful, highly regarded 4 season community noted for:
  • Academic and research institutions
  • Diverse housing stock
  • Global businesses
  • K-12 educational system
  • Recreational activities

Town Manager Government

Colchester has a “Town Manager" form of government: the Selectboard members, who are elected, represent the legislative and judicial branches of the municipal government. The Selectboard appoints the Town Manager, who heads the administrative (executive) branch of the municipal government.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality municipal services possible to Colchester citizens in a cost-effective manner. We take pride in being responsive, helpful, and compassionate in serving our community. Our objective is to listen to you and to facilitate the implementation of the citizens’ vision for the community. Please feel free to contact us by email, telephone, or by visiting any of us at Town Hall.


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