Mallets Bay Initiative- Wastewater Solutions

The Wastewater Solutions project seeks to provide the Colchester Selectboard with alternatives of effectively address human wastewater pollution in the Inner Bay (289 properties) so as to maintain and improve water quality for both current and future land use and site conditions. Preferred solutions  will be efficient, cost effective, and reliable.

The Colchester Selectboard tasked the Planning Commission in March 2019 with gathering public input, developing options for addressing longstanding wastewater issues, and reporting back to the Selectboard in Autumn 2019.  The Commission will be drafting through the month of October and expects to report out its findings in November 2019.

Over the summer of 2019, the Planning Commission held a series of workshops to  address wastewater pollution. The Commission is evaluating the options considered: purchase and conservation of existing properties, sewer, community septic and doing nothing.

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