Board of Civil Authority

Board of Civil Authority: Justices of the Peace

The Board of Civil Authority is made up of the Town Clerk and the fifteen Justices of the Peace. Justices are elected every two years in November. Their terms begin on February 1st and end January 31st. 

Beginning February 1, 2019 the Justices of the Peace are: 

  • Sarita Austin
  • Carolyn Barnes
  • Ruth Blauwiekel
  • Mary Brennan
  • Patrick Brennan
  • Maureen Dakin
  • Peg Gillard
  • Julie Hulburd
  • Marie Reine Pepin
  • Pam Loranger
  • Kristy Kurt Spengler
  • Jeff Spengler
  • Curt Taylor, 
  • Leora Black

Please contact the Town Clerk's Office (802-264-5520) if you wish to contact a Justice of the Peace.