Alarm Fees

For complete information on Alarm Registration, please click on Colchester Police webpage.

 Alarm Registration Fees need to be paid through the Town Clerks Office. 

When paying please include invoice and registration form.

Ways to pay:

In person at the Clerk's counter with cash, check, credit card.

Send payment in the mail to: Town of Colchester, Attn: Clerk's Office, 781 Blakely Rd,  Colchester, VT  05446

On-line with a credit card at Xpress-Pay. (click link)

Please be aware there is a fee associated with using a credit/debit card either on-line or at the Clerk's counter.  The fee is 2.85% plus 40 cents.  On a $10.00 registration fee that would be 69 cents for a total of $10.69.