How You Can Help

Participation is key when generating a well-rounded Town Plan. We need your help to create a vision for the Town of Colchester for the next 20 years. How and where will we grow? What issues do we need to address? What will our community look and feel like in the future? The most important ways you can help include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Completing online Surveys when they become available through our website, Thoughts on Thursday email, and Facebook.
  • Come to our visioning sessions where hot topics of the Town Plan will be discussed with community input.
  • Sign up for the Thoughts on Thursday email service to stay informed.
  • Talk to your neighbors about signing up for the email service, completing surveys, and coming to our vision sessions.
Below is a listing of the topic meetings the Commission conducted leading up to the current drafting process:
Meeting List
The Town Plan Team is open to suggestions on other ways to get the community involved.