2019 Projects

Below are projects staff will be working on through 2018/2019. These projects are funded through the stormwater utility.

Hercules Drive Culvert Replacement
The existing pair of 36" culverts underneath Hercules Drive near the entrance to Route 2/7 are planned to be replaced with a 5 foot wide box culvert. This project is in the final stages of engineering and permitting and is expected to be constructed in the summer of 2019 funded by the stormwater utility.

Right: Project engineering plans for the replacement of twin culverts on Hercules Drive in Colchester.
Shore Acres

​Shore Acres / Cedar Ridge Stormwater Improvements

Note: More information is available at the project page HERE.

​Funded through a combination of utility funds and grants, this project will include two phases: design and construction. The first phase is scheduled to begin in fall of 2018 with the hiring of a water quality consultant to design stormwater improvements for this neighborhood, which is in the Moorings Stream watershed. The improvements were identified as part of the Malletts Bay Scoping Project which looked at the East / West Lakeshore Drive areas and identified opportunities for improved drainage, reduced erosion and property impacts, and improved water quality through stormwater treatment. In total, this project has an expected cost of $370,000 and is expected to move to construction in late 2019.

Left: The lack of roadside ditches in the Shore Acres neighborhood causes ponding and other property impacts.

Phosphorus Control Planning

The stormwater utility was awarded $40,000 to design a Phosphorus Control Plan for town properties. This is a requirement of the new MS4 permit that the town would need to fund. This grant will help us plan water quality improvements for Town properties and is expected to be completed by 2020. These funds are from the State's Municipal Highway and Stormwater Mitigation Program.

camera inspection

Town-wide Conditions Assessment

The Town owns 279 stormwater outfalls, 314 catch basins, and miles of underground piping that were each designed and installed at different times and to different building standards. As these pipes are located below a roadway, significant roadway and property damage can result from failures. Utility staff are preparing to complete zoom camera inspections of all public stormwater infrastructure in order to determine the structural condition of each pipe in the Town's system. This project will help the Town identify and prioritize future stormwater projects.  This project is funded through a $132,000 grant, is expected to take approximately 18 months, and will be complete by 2020.

Left: An example of how zoom camera technology works.