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News (12/11/17)

Rescue and Technical Rescue Squads - Amy Akerlind

November was one of our slower months this year, with 105 calls for service. Until one and a half years ago, 105 calls was considered a busy month. In comparison, in 2017 we averaged 125 calls per month. August was extremely busy, with 161 calls for service! To date, that is a record month for us. As of December 5th we’ve already had 28 requests for service!

Increased call volume is not unique to Colchester. Ambulance services throughout this district have been seeing significant increases in requests for their services. We turn calls over to other agencies when we’re already on a call and we also go into neighboring communities when they have multiple calls at once. In the month of November we turned over 7 calls and responded to neighboring communities 17 times.

Overall, our call volume (as of December 5th) was ahead of last year by 187 calls. We will probably hit around 1500 calls by year’s end! That is an average of four calls a day, most of which come in between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM.
The Colchester Rescue Squad (CRS) is a combination volunteer/paid service, licensed at the Paramedic level.

We respond to around 1,300 calls a year in the Town of Colchester and its surrounding communities.


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Mission Statement

Colchester Rescue is dedicated to improving the health and well being of the community, by providing the highest quality emergency medical services to our patients and preventing illness and injury through public education.