Water Supply Mapping

As part of the technical component of this effort, staff from Stone Environmental, Inc. will be working in Colchester this summer to create a map of public and private drinking water supply locations.

Workers will start in the northwest corner of Town, around Clay Point Road, and will work clockwise around Colchester. We will not need to visit properties that are served by public or community water systems.

Locating Water Supplies
About 1,000 properties in Colchester rely on individual potable water supplies, such as drilled wells or springs, to supply their drinking water. Many of these properties also rely on individual, on-site wastewater treatment systems (often referred to as "septic systems") to properly treat their wastewater and return the water they use to the hydrologic cycle.

The Town already has reasonably good general information about the types of wastewater treatment systems and water supplies that serve individual properties in Colchester--for instance, whether a property has "city water," or gets its water from a drilled well or spring located on the property. However, very little information is readily available about where individual water supplies are actually located.

Part of the assessment component of the Town's IWRMP will be to assess at a planning level across the whole Town whether, if an on-site wastewater treatment system on a property needed to be replaced in the future, it appears to be feasible to build a replacement system on the same lot. Knowing where individual water supplies are located-and thus, how far away from those water supplies a replacement wastewater treatment system can be safely located-will greatly improve the accuracy of the planning-level assessment.