Resource Maps

Maps delineating the inventories and surveys of the town's private water supplies, storm water infrastructures, water resources, and stream conditions are now available. 
  1. Colchester Base Map

    This map illustrates the roads and surface waters in the town.

  2. Distributed Infrastructure Inventory Maps

    Access the Private Water Supply Map and the Storm Water Infrastructure Map and respective details about each.

  3. On-Site Wastewater Capacity

    View the maps associated with On-Site Waster Water Capacity within Colchester.

  4. Storm Water Maps

    Access the three different types of storm water maps that apply to the Colchester area.

  5. Stream Conditions Assessment Maps

    This series of maps summarize information derived from the Stream Geomorphic Assessments conducted by the State of Vermont's River Management Program.

  6. Water Resources Maps

    This map is the newest delineation of high resolution small watersheds using LiDAR data. The watersheds have been adjusted to reflect the storm drainage network.