Program Importance

The Town of Colchester is rich in natural resources with approximately 30 miles of shoreline on Lake Champlain, while the arms of Malletts Bay nearly surrounded almost 10 square miles of the lake. The management and protection of water resources helps to ensure residents' quality of life and the Town's economic vitality. Water resources play an agricultural, recreational, drinking, flooding prevention, business to business and economic role for the Town. Unmanaged wastewater and stormwater create serious health hazards for the population.

Site Visits
For the Town of Colchester to continue to grow, our wastewater and storm water system must have the capacity to support growth in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural areas. Technicians will visit some properties to gather samples for testing. We will not enter your site without permission and will need to approximate the location of this infrastructure for our study if permission is not granted. This site visit is similar in nature to the person who reads your electric meter.


The field work takes no more than a couple of minutes, assuming the utilities can be easily located and nothing will be disturbed. We do not need to schedule an appointment when you are home, unless that is your preference. The data we gather will help in the development of a knowledge base of the Town's wastewater and storm water and natural resources.

Community Meetings
Public information and decision-making meetings will be held throughout the process. All residents are invited and encouraged to join the discussion as we work together to develop a comprehensive plan to address multiple interdependent resource impacts.